What to do when you only have a few: radishes

What to do with only a few radishes.

So, I’ve developed a fondness for the meek little radish. It is as dependable as a loyal pup if you treat it right. The main thing about growing radishes is to keep their conditions steady. Well watered and partly shaded, you can go from seed to radish in less than four weeks. You can grow them April through October or even longer in Bull City. I’ve kept a steady supply coming out of one pot all spring and summer from one 99 cent package of seeds.

The rub is this: What do you do with just a few radishes? Sure, you can put them in salads, but that’s too obvious for me. I poked around and found that radish greens are edible, if a bit hairy and rough on the palate. So, I figured I’d saute them like any harsh green. I messed around with a few recipes and decided the way to go is as a side dish to an Asian-style meal.

Simply dice 3-4 radishes and saute in olive oil in a preheated pan (med-high) for 60 seconds, then turn of the heat. Add the radish greens, coarsely chopped, and a handful of baby spinach (or any mild-tasting greens) and sauce, stir, cover until the greens wilt, stir again for 30 seconds or so and you’re done. The whole thing takes only 2 or 3 minutes. I make a sauce from sweet Indonesian soy sauce (the kind that pours like molasses), black bean paste, rice wine (or cooking sherry as a substitute) sesame oil and Sriracha chile-garlic sauce. You can make it more complicated, onion or chopped garlic can be nice additions, but I like to keep it easy.


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