Jambalaya? Well, sort of…

I don’t usually go in for ‘quick meal’ type recipes where most of the seasoning is provided by a packaged product, but I whipped this up today after perusing shelves of my local supermarket and was quite happy. More so, I was happy that I picked two ‘OK’ seafoods to put in it, even without the aid of my Seafood Selector. I really need to print off another one of these for my wallet. This type of wallet info is also available from other sources, I won’t claim any knowledge of accuracy in reporting here and won’t get too preachy. However, I do get a little miffed with pesco-vegetarians who think factory farmed chicken is detestable, but wild shrimp caught by trawler with 75% bycatch rates or depleted stocks like Chilean seabass are OK on their plate. Whatever…I won’t get on my high horse, as y’all know about my trip to Yesterdog….just saying it’s another annoying thing to bounce around my head while shopping.

Jambalaya (well, kinda)

1 md sweet onion
1 red bell pepper
1 can (12 oz) Tomato and Okra
2 boxes Zatarain’s red beans and rice
1 bag (12 oz) frozen farm raised bay scallops (China)
1 bag (10 oz) frozen farm raised shrimp (US)
Jamaican Country Style (JCS) Boston jerk sauce
(get the jar that says ‘Hot peppers, keep away from children’ if you are feeling really intense, but be careful, kiddos).

Boil rice/beans in large (4 qt) pot in 8 cups water. Bring down to simmer for 20 min. Drain okra/tomato mix into pot (I think this will help thicken the mix, but maybe that’s just some voodoo shit I heard). Chop okra and tomatoes, add to rice and simmer until rice/beans done, but still a little soupy. You can always add water or boil down at this point.

Concurrently, heat a little olive oil and jerk sauce in a pan and add frozen scallops. Cover for ~3 minutes on Med-Low heat until scallops just begin to turn opaque. Add frozen shrimp and cover for ~3 more minutes until shrimp turn pink. Strain seafood in colander. Chop onion and saute on Med High in olive oil until clear, then add chopped pepper, scallops and shrimp. Douse in jerk sauce and saute for ~ 1 minute. Stir into rice mix, simmer for 10 minutes or so and enjoy. I usually add more jerk sauce to my serving, but it’s best to let each person select their own level of spice, I find.

Ah, the bay scallop: Do you wanna eat it or just kiss dem purty lips?


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